Friday, October 17, 2008

The Wackness

So I’m looking at this inventory worksheet in Excel, and its probably the worst formatted worksheet ever created. For example, the text font is size 30, but the zoom is only 40% to make it appear normal size. But that in turn makes the column and row headers really teeny. I swear any font size above 12 should only be used for titles or headings. Another tab looks like a DOS printout that I don’t even think Big Blue can decipher. Also if he wants something indented, he just hits the spacebar 3 times rather than going Crtl+1: Alignment: Indent [hmmm...might be hard to break my PC habits]. I would totally expect more out of a spreadsheet created by a guy name Shehab.

Hmmm maybe I should teach an Excel formatting class. But first I need to get Office on my freaking laptop.