Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An Ode to 50 Cent

Here's my version of 21 Questions:

1. Should I opt for the MacBook Amateur or the MacBook Pro? I'm thinking about making the jump like KG and them.
2. Who wants to bike ride with me and Alan sometime this weekend?
3. Is Dan or Phil doing anything for their birthdays?
4. Or maybe I’m just not invited?
5. Is Stephon Marbury gonna be the opening day starter?
6. Who should I take with the 2nd overall pick?
7. Why is my Condo messy again?
8. What is a better name for my whip?
9. How come I didn’t know KEANE released a new album?
10. Anyone else want to go the the Roots/Gym Class/Estelle show on Saturday?
11. Why did I buy threads this weekend that I didn’t need?
12. Why do my peers trip over their 401[k] portfolios like they’re gonna cash out soon?
13. Why is everyone suddenly an expert on the state of the economy?
14. Where am I gonna vote?
15. How come I’m not motivated to hit the gym?
16. Why do they called it ‘bistek’ or ‘bifstek’ when its really beefsteak?
17. Why didn’t my rendition of it taste like my moms?
18. Why aren’t people buying my kicks?
19. Why am I probably gonna get another pair of sneaks before the more needed dress shoes?
20. What can get me in the right frame of mind?
21. Where is the Love?