Friday, October 03, 2008

I Should've Never Stopped Buying Kicks

When I turned 25 or something, I told myself I should put my skrilla to better use than just buying kicks. I wanted to get my grown man on, so I tried to be better with my fundage and use my money to build up my assets so I can one day own a place and live off interest. [<--- ultimate dream there!]

So when I turned 27 I got my place, which is probably is about 8% less now than what I paid for it haha. I'm not tripping too hard because I plan to have it for a minute, and if I ever rent it out I think the market price for rent can equal a mortgage payment. But haven't really factored in the HOA fees though. Hmmm...well that won't happen for awhile anyway.

So I increased my 401K contributions and maxed out my ROTH IRA since I became a client of Ed's, but I think all those gains these past 4 years were washed away, and I must be in the red YTD. I'm just too scared to check, even though this money won't be touched for like 30 years anyway.

And I tried to pick a few ETFs and other investment vehicles, and i actually checked that portfolio recently in case I needed some of those funds, but it was down 30% overall so I didn't want to take the L.

But what I do know are kicks, and I swear my shoefolio probably increased by 200% conservatively over the same time frame. A bunch of my auctions ended the other day and I'm like damn, I should've just invested in Nikes! Man and these are the ones I don't even like that much. Of course I thought otherwise because that sounds dumb.

I mean I feel bad selling a pair of kicks for $175 that I bought for $39.99 from the Outlet. Haha sike. I just debate if I should leave that sale tag on there so the buyer feels worse mwauhahahaha.

But for real, if I only spent like $5K in kicks specifically to sell back in 2003 and 2004, before I turned 25, my car could've been paid for in full!

Well I know that property/retirement stuff is still more beneficial for the long-term, but kicks wouldn't be a bad short-term investment nowadays. I mean people are always gonna have feet.