Friday, October 03, 2008

Kanye’s Rhymes that Don’t Really Rhyme

There hasn't really been a polarizing rap artist in quite some time. So love him or hate him, here are some "rhymes" that I either love or hate. I think some are fresh, and I think some are wack. I guess we're all judges.

But I can't complain what the accident did to my left eye
Cuz look what an accident did to Left Eye

- Kanye West feat Jay-Z, J. Ivy - Never Let Me Down

With niggas masked up like Phantom of the Opera
Dreaming of the day they push a phantom to the operas

- Common feat Kanye West - Southside

Who killing them in the UK
everybody going to say you K

- Estelle feat Kanye West - American Boy

She from the N.O., but she never told me N-O, so

- Ghostface Killah feat Kanye West, Ne-Yo - Back Like That (Remix)

[FYI freaking The Official Hip-Hop Lyric Archive says this line goes like “She from the N.O., but she never told me, and oh so” – they need lyric auditors!]

A-a-and you be givin me my space
A-a- and you don't be runnin on myspace

- Pharrell feat Kanye West - Number 1

But they can't cop cars
without seein cop cars

- Kanye West feat Adam Levine - Heard 'Em Say

I'm sure there's a few more, but these were just off the top of my head. Man I wish I was a rapper. Or at least a ghost-writer.