Thursday, October 02, 2008

Are You For Real?

People who ask questions on eBay or either lowballers or pretty funny, or sometimes both. Here goes a sampling of some of the questions in my inbox:

Dear reegsta,

yo my number is 17187751212 you might be interested in something
- alex150569

No homie I’m not gonna call you.

Dear reegsta,

Hey there :) I'm going to bid on Vista Ultimate but since you want international bidders contact you well so I'm contaction you :) I live in Russia so I've no idea how much you gonna charge me for shippment via cheapest possible air mail :)

So I guess this is it :)
Regards and good luck!

I think 4 smiley faces is a bit OD since I'm not gonna give you a lower price, but at least homie paid for the auction already. And the language translator tool must be broken. WTF is contaction??

Dear reegsta,

ok great i will place the bid can you just end it and send me the invoice so i can pay and you can ship out tomorrow thanks john
- frankie23x

Hey frankie it’s still a live auction! I’m not gonna end it until it actually ends.

Dear reegsta,

I will give you 200 shipped for these right now. Thats all I have
- mrcoffee05

If that’s all you have maybe you shoudn’t be buying shoes then!

Dear reegsta,

The grey around the toes looks dirty/stained and theres some grey on the sides that look smudged up as well. I'd pay $140 shipped if interested.
- punklance

Thanks punk for a diatribe of my kicks when that’s what the pics are for. Declined.

Dear reegsta,


I have been looking for a pair of these for a while, but I need some help with the sizing. Im usually a 12 in am1's, 90's and Jordan III,IV & V's. Will these fit me? I've heard that they run quite big, thats why I'm asking.

Hope you can help me out,

Many thanks!
- pyrophilly

You’re a size 12 and you’re wondering if you can fit a sz 10?? Yeah if you plan to cut off your toes.

Dear reegsta,

hey wassup i was recently outbidded on the NEW NIKE AIR FORCE 1 PREMIUM SZ 10.5 USA WORLD CUP MAX, IM WILLING TO GIVE YOU $240 IF YOU SELL THEM TO ME.
- erodriguez812

Okay the kicks ended for $200, if you wanted to pay $240 you should’ve bid that much! Karma isn’t worth $40, since I would hate to see the situation happen to me.

Dear reegsta,

- xgearsxofxwarxkingx

Why do you want fake kicks? And I only say "authentic" and "real" in my auction like 100 times.

Dear reegsta,

Could I see close up shots of the air pocket. I'm looking for a wearable pair. Would you say that these are in wearable condition? How do the midsoles feel?
- kalonji7

How do they feel? For real? rubber or warm apple pie or whatever you want them to feel like.

Ahhh to be a PowerSeller again...