Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stressed Out

Ever stress out over nothing in particular? I think that’s the root of my lingering headache. For some reason I never admit to being stressed because I think that shows weakness, and if you show weakness your guard is down, and those with unpure thoughts can pounce on you. Also its also a mood killer to tell folks you're stressed, so I pretty much keep it to myself when it happens. So people, take advantage of it now because its only a temporary state.

Plus no one can really alleviate your stress but yourself. Granted there’s always someone in a more dire situation than you are in, but that’s irrelevant. I set the bar high for myself so I don’t really compare myself to anyone except for my own personal expectations. I need to start making moves like Chester so I can yell checkmate.

Song on repeat for the day:

A Tribe Called Quest feat Consequence and Faith – Stressed Out

I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
When you’re face to face with your adversity
I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
We’re gonna make this thing work out eventually

Bonus Song on repeat for the day, the Bay Version:

Young Cellski feat UNLV – Stressed Out