Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cribs Edition: Blogger Style

For some reason I wait til my place gets reeeeaalllly messy before I clean-up, I guess so I can feel a sense of accomplishment. Anyway I haven't had any visitors in over a week so the mess just accumulates. The other day I came home to this and was like damn, how did this all happen?? I was kinda proud of myself, just as if I took a really mean deuce. Look I got boxer shorts on my dining table lol. And you see a wedge in front of my laptops, which is where I fell asleep the night before. The clothes I'm selling are mixed up with the clothes I've worn [I'm prone to take my clothes off anywhere and just leave a trail...but I think that's common practive amongst dudes.] If G walked into this she would have a fit haha. Anyway instead of starting to clean-up, I decided to take some snaps:

Five minutes later, it was all cleaned up! And nope I didn't just toss everything into my bedroom. Actually more time elapsed in you're paying attention to my kitchen clock.

So welcome to my crib. Some notes:

- I haven't ever used the fireplace yet but was mad excited to get a tool set for it
- My stainless appliances are fake, since they didn't pass the magnetic test
- Granite counters are cool if you clean and dust them regularly
- Berber carpet is really comfortable as Kram can attest to
- Thanks to Kram, G, my 6 year old nephew for painting my place
- Red is my favorite color, but you already knew that
- My TV swivels, which comes in handy when I wash dishes
- Once I upgrade my lighting then I'm done
- I see soy sauce and vinegar...guess it was adobo night!