Friday, October 24, 2008

David Silver's House, But No Megan Fox

Where: Silver House
When: October 23, 2008
Who: Tiff, Trish, Jeff K, Nick, Mike, Annora, Reeg, Kevin, Kathy, Roland & Earnest [hahaha]
What: Chinese Food
How Much: $22 + $144 - $144 pending [hahaha]

Wow foodie just gets pushed further and further south. It might end up in San Jose soon! [I wouldn’t go then haha]. So since I have Evite restricted at work [you know, just in case you want to facilitate trades or exchange sensitive information through an Evite **stoneface**], I recalled from memory that the restaurant’s name was Silver-something on El Camino in San Mateo. So I googled that, and using sound logic and deduction, I thought it was Silver Lake. Anyway me and Rol are like 2 Somalians during famine season, and we arrived around quarter til way hungry. We even contemplated about violating Foodie Rule #46: Do not order until the majority of the people are present. Using our better judgment, we decided to wait it out head over to the next door Pr0n shop. I mean what else is there to do? Man I thought DVDs are mad cheap, since movies go for like $4.99 at any big box retailer. These DVDs go for like $35! Anyway since it was almost sauna-like in there, we headed back to Silver Lake hoping to see someone.

I didn’t know Rol had supervision because somehow he spotted Annora’s profile across a 6 lane street in the darkness. It turns out we were waiting at the wrong restaurant, so good thing we didn’t order ahead haha. And a better thing there’s 2 Silver-soemthing Chinese restaurants across the street from each other. I mean if the first one was there, I would’ve named the next one Gold-something right? If you had no idea about each one, most folks would opt for the Gold. Oh well. So we jaunted across the street while stopping traffic and finally met up with the rest of them. The restaurant was fairly empty since it was pretty late on a school night, yet there were 11 of us on a 8 person table which looked like people gathering around a campfire. As a result I kept elbowing Kingsbury and he kept pricking me with his chopsticks, since it didn’t help I’ma Southpaw.

Dishes Ordered from first to worst: Fried Crab, Honey Walnut Prawns, Ground Beef & Eggplant, Lamb, Steamed Flounder, some other Beef Dish, a soup that had Rice Krispy Treats, some Vegetable dish, and a Chicken Dish. Unlike grubabdubdub, I can’t tell you why I like it, I just know it tastes good! It feels good when it hits the lips [that’s what she said]. If I forgot one then I guess it was forgettable.

I had no bones to pick with the fish, but a couple to pick with the restaurant. They kept serving the food over me and Roland, and this dude’s sleeve always rubbed up against my straw. It happened like 3 times, but oh well. Then me and Kev had to pay with plastic, so we wrote down what to charge on each card. First the chick writes down $1044, and I’m like damn it was good but not that good! Then the dumb breezy charges my card 2wice for the above amounts, so I’m just waiting for the reversal of that $144!