Thursday, October 23, 2008

In the Garage, word to Weezer

Once in awhile I have to drive-in to the City, so I generally check the Early Bird schedule at the Moscone Center Garage. Basically the closer it is to my office, the more you pay. So there’s a lot across the street that costs like $24 daily, then further more one that costs $17, and so forth. But the MCG is only $8 until 10p, so the 4 block walk is totally worth it. Shoot I just like walking by the St. Regis Hotel and seeing their fleet of Bentleys and Rolls Royces, hoping one day I could push a Phantom to the opera. Then I walk by the W Hotel and admire its architecture and design. Before you know it I’m at work!

So I pay for parking with pretax dollars, making the intrinsic cost of the $8 fee more like $6. Today I park there and see that they’re increasing the Early Bird special to $10 and out by 7p! Damn I can justify a 25% increase on food prices but a damn parking lot?! Your only operating costs are those levers that go up and down! George Moscone is rolling over in his grave. This Early Bird gets the bird.


Once in awhile I get random emails for job opportunities. Generally they contain a brief description of the job and requirements and so forth. I received one looking for an accountant with experience in “fix assets” who could start “immedaitely.” Granted I’m not the best proofreader but damn, at least I’m not looking for your business and secondly please spell correctly. And for them non-accounting heads generally they’re called FIXED ASSETS. That's like calling Collard Greens collar greens, or to carry the theme from yesterday, Corned Beef as Corn Beef. And this recruiter is dumb, since she just emailed maybe 300 people on the list without using BCC. Shoot I really was tempted to reply-all and call her out on these mistakes.


So I received my 2008-09 Property Tax Assessment value from Alameda County, which said the assessed value of my property was almost $10K more than my purchase price. NINJA PLEASE. I mean yall know that my ish took a dive and you have the audacity to say it didn’t? Then I gotta bug you again by filling out a Prop 8 Reassessment Form [no relation to Proposition 8 currently on the ballots] that you have to review so you could recalculate my property taxes. Should’ve just assessed it correctly the first time you dumb pricks!

To rub more Morton’s in the womb, I get a flyer from Bridgewater offering HOA incentives if we refer people to buy in my complex. Which is cool and all, but they have the current prices attached and its obviously lower than what most residents paid! So WTF [W = why in this case] do I wanna get people to get a better deal than me. Like I want my potential new neighbot to say "Hi, I'm Johnny. I spent $xxK less than you! *smirks*" That smirk would get a smack.

Damn I'ma grumpy fothermucker today.