Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another List About Food

During Dan’s birthday dinner last Friday, we started talking about canned food over prime cuts of prime rib. [Broadway Prime FTW!] Basically Dan and the ’89 Earthquake share birthdays, and TheUglyStick was praching about having emergency food and water around. He was very passionate about it, like he had a natural disaster kit in every room of his house. But it turns out he didn’t have any, which is like a guy with no feet tryna tell you which shoes to get. Anyway MosJef came out with a food list and it inspired me to come up with another one.

People were saying you should keep canned meats around as emergency food, but since I’m Filipino this is normal fare for me! So here is a shortened Top 10 canned meats list:

1. SPAM Lite – Tastes just like its big brother in the dark blue can, but doesn’t have that weird jelly surrounding it. Most versatile meat ever.

2. Corned Beef from Australia – Generally found in Asian markets, this outclasses their Brazillian counterparts. While I used to love opening the OG cans of corned beef by inserting the screw and coiling it back, the bottom line is the people Down Under know how to corn their beef a lil better.

3. Ligo Sardines, Green can – I used to make Sardine-silog back in the day and ate it religiously. Then Biggie came out with Juicy and rapped how he used to remember eating sardines for dinner, then I just stopped since I guess that's what poor folks ate.

4. Solid White Albacore Tuna – this is what the true ballers get, not the 8 cans for $1, since these cans are like 89 cents each. And I don’t even know about that tuna in a bag crap. Its not potato chips!

5. Vienna Sausage – This holds a place in my heart because I remember when father used to take me to play golf when I was a youngin’. We couldn’t afford the luxurious food at the turn or when the cart lady rolled by [their markups make airport concessions envy – word to Alan], so there was a can of VS in our golf bags, which probably been there for years. We used to pop the can open and use a tee as a makeshift toothpick to extract each sausage out. Ahhh good times.