Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Early Returns Are In

After 6 days of being a converted Mac owner, I figured out how to change the background using a picture off a website. Oh right-click button I miss you, but it is for the better. Shoot I don’t even think I did it using the most direct methodology, but I was just tired of that galaxy background. But I love my machine – its quiet [when idle], loud [with speakers], bright, doesn’t get scolding hot, responsive and light. Basically everything my old laptop wasn’t. Its almost like getting a new girlfriend while dumping an old one – its more svelte, more portable, more alert, more oohs and ahhs, better looking, better performing, you push a button and something happens [hahaha]…I could go on! But you know what I mean.

Last night I transferred all of my digital music via my portable HD to the MBP. So that’s almost 9000 songs and 35GB of music. And to think I only converted like 2/3s of my music collection. I don’t know why I’m debating whether or not I should reformat the iPod to be Mac-based. The only thing I really lose out is the play count, and I don’t know why knowing that I’ve played Ne-Yo’s “Can We Chill” 78 times means anything to me. But I’ll probably do that tonight, so I’ma enjoy this last day of having a PC-based ‘Pod.

The iChat function is a trip too. First I did it with Rol, but we were in the same room so it had a negligable effect. It worked out with Ant/Steph, but I had to pause for a sec since you could totally see the bed in the background lol. Hey guys keep that stuff to yourself! At least my setup is on my coffee table so you just see the back of my sofa. Anyway I tried it with Phil too but for some reason it didn’t work, which was probably a good thing since I was just in my boxers. Then there were random chats on my buddy list that I didn’t feel like talking to, so if yall wanna vid chat, holler @ me: reegsta on both AIM and G-Chat.

MBP goals this wknd: setup Parallels so I can install my CPA software, get a copy of MS Office and setup my Yahoo account with Entourage, no Ari Gold. I mean I pay $20 a year for POP access so I should get that asap. And also I need a nickname for him. 6 days and counting of being pr0n-proof…