Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Saturday Night in the South Bay

So the Prince of the Ville, the King of the Sunset and the Duke of Ulloa went to the Roots/GymClassHeroes show in hella far San Jose. Why did I leave SF with less than a ¼ tank of petro? Anyway I was debating about going probably 2 minutes after the Musiq concert finished. I may have even blogged about it. Anyway presale tix would’ve cost me $45 individually, but Modest Mark sold his set to me and Al for $25 each. Not bad. But when we get there people were scalping their ish….first it was $20, then $15, then $10…then there was a dude who thought Rol was cute or something and he gave him a free ticket! I mean there’s breezies in line for tickets and he straight up gives it to him haha. Or maybe he just paid homage to these OG’s at Al’s alma mater, like why are these old dudes just posted outside the Events Center? For some reason though, being on a college campus transforms us into straight up beastmode, red level of alertness. And this is just an average looking campus too!

The GCH set was pretty fresh, as Travis aka mini-Joakim Noah even though he’s 6’6” aka Mr. Katy Perry kept the crowd hyped. Estelle only came out for that collab they did on their latest album, but its all good since I already seen her perform. Slightly disappointed they didn’t do On Our Own Time, but this was offset by their rendition of Prince’s When Doves Cry. This in turn made me think that a Prince show would be one fly concert, so he was catapulted to the most desirable to watch. Intermission went by faster after seeing this lil mohawked 5 year old breakdance, and you can tell he’ll be apart of ABDC circa 2023.

The Roots came up next and Black Thought’s style probably caters to the backpacker crowd more, so he wasn’t as amped. They highlighted the instrumental dudes more, as their new electric guitarist stole the show. Dude kept rocking it and even covered GnR’s Sweet Child of Mine. Mos Def had a free show in SF earlier in the day so he came down and made a surprise cameo appearance. If I would’ve known we could’ve carpooled together. Then Estelle comes back out to sing Erykah Badu’s part of You Got Me…but this song was teetering on Teachme length due to the number of solos over this beat hahaha. But he finally started rappin to The Next Movement as their crescendo.

So all in all it was a good show, worth the $25, but would’ve been even better if we paid $5 haha. Afterwards Al wanted to hit up this burrito spot but the line looked like a line outside Niketown the night before a hyped up release. We ended up eating at the 2nd most expensive JITB [1st is near LAX] next door, that had 2 tacos for $1.49 instead of 99 cents WTF?? Is that all Jacks now? We head towards my whip after first going in the wrong garage lol. My mileage indicator says I have like 45 miles left in my tank as we start heading north. Al and Rol doze off so I’m all driving about 85-90 on 280, since there’s no civilization or other cars on the road. BlackRunner is still a century club virgin. All of a sudden I see a DEER in the fast lane but luckily I was one lane over. WTF [W = where in this case] did Bambi come from? I mean there’s deer signs and all but I never ever seen them until now. But if I was one lane over I would’ve had deer blood all up in my grill. Whew…I’m taking 101 next time.

So my indicator is counting down…5-4-3-2-1 and finally to zero in Hillsborough, which is like ~15 miles away from the Chevron in San Bruno. I mean I put petro when my ish says 100 miles to go, so this is unchartered territory haha. Tell me why its freakin closed for renovation? And I haven’t put any other juice in the whip other than Chevron, so I go to the next one while passing up like 5 other gas stations along the way. I go to the next Chevron in SSF but its like $3.83 so eff that, I know it cheaper in DC. I get to the one on Hickey and pay $3.43 and that ish keeps chugging. I put in 22 gallons in a 23 gallon tank, which means I probably could’ve made it to one in the city haha.