Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Couple More eBay Stuff

By demand here are a couple more messages I get from bidders and buyers:

Dear reegsta,

i got an email of the usps and the address is wrong its corpus christi texas 78413 it says crp christi 78413
- jesse_alonzo

Are you serious? Have you heard of the term 'abbreviation'? Probably not, since it looks like you haven't heard of 'punctuation' either. It means to make something shorter. sometimes truncates city names so it could fit on the label. Man you act like it says Rancho Cucamonga or something.

Dear reegsta,

i just wanted to know when the shoes will be sent out? thanks!
- jesse_alonzo

Okay homie, you just mentioned you got an email from USPS notifying you of shipment, and you're asking when they're getting shipped out? That's what you received the email for! You don't deserve to wear my Jordans.

Dear reegsta,

Hi :)
I just want to ask you about 2 things:
1. May I have a tracking number of a package?
2. Whould you please leave a feedback to let me have TWO in total :)

Thank you in advance!
All the best!
- sergemur

Its our contaction friend again! This time he only used 2 smileys though. Then again based on his feedback, he's relatively new to the world's biggest garage sale. I mean I was friendly to my sellers back in the day too. Ahhh one day he'll learn.

package A+ fast shipment shoes georgous i love you man !!!!

Buyer: codecandflexor ( 29) Oct-07-08 09:14
NEW NIKE AIR TRAINER I MICHIGAN SZ 10.5 III SC DS RARE! (#170266389145) $199.99

Ahh the feedback portion here. Usually its pretty generic, but I'm glad I've touched his soul for him to confess his love for me already. Usually it takes maybe 3-4 pairs to get to that level. Then again he's from France, and that's one romantic country. Oh yeah these are the same shoes that that one guy super-critiqued and lowballed me on.