Friday, October 10, 2008

Goals to Accompish this Weekend

- Clean the Condo
- Increase the tire pressure on Nager [tentative name] – I didn’t even know I had a tire pressure light but the ish came on
- Visit my gym facilities
- Get my golf set back from Arv
- Run @ least 4 miles
- Try a new restaurant
- Catch up on Entourage
- Continue to make a dent in The Wire: Season 1
- Celebrate a 49er victory
- Make a Salvation Army Run
- Not coming in to work
- Mail a few packages at the Post Office
- Get my cousin a gift for her wedding, although it was 2 months ago, since I’m still within the gift giving threshold
- Make a home-cooked meal
- Update songs on my Shuffle
- Watch Hip-Hop Honors [recorded in HD on the Palladia network woohoo]

Okay that’s a wrap folks! Have a good weekend.