Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Homegirl: you are one of the best(est) guys i know...
Homegirl: and you deserve ONLY the best(est)
reegsta: thx for the compliment
Homegirl: and i don't understand why girls dont' just throw themselves at you
reegsta: lol wow....i’m thinkin about saving this convo and revisiting it...man u know me 2 well
Homegirl: haha...i dont' wanna see it blogged!
reegsta: it won't
reegsta: i protect the identity
Homegirl: i'd date you....if i didn't know you
reegsta: lol hahah
Homegirl: hahahaha
Homegirl: naw....just keepin it real
reegsta: haha that line i'm bout to blog
Homegirl: yeah! blog it!

I love it when girls blow smoke up your arse. Thanks! And all AIM conversations are fair game. Be careful what you ask for.