Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Am I the only one getting crazy German Spam? This ish been nonstop for like a week. Damn Nazis.

Anyway, as you can see, my boss is out today. And tomorrow the senior manager will be away. And then Friday is gonna be Friday. All of this leads to unproductivity, boredom and blogdom.

I guess its time for another Top 5 list. Here it goes...

Top 5 Reasons I miss LA:

5. Its proximity to Santa Barbara. It seems like we took a trip every couple months. Kini and I were talking about reuniting at Fiesta this year if anyone else is down.
4. Watching movies hella early at the Sony Studio with Cheryl. Even though most of them sucked haha.
3. Shopping at Costco, Beverly Center, basically anywhere with Cicely.
2. Drinking a 12er of Miller High Life (The Champagne of Beers) and eating Papa John's Pizza every night SV was on with G-Booze, then having Fresh come home looking at us like we're mad homo. He was probably just bitter since he put in another 12 hr day.
1. The traffic on 405. Hehe naw...just hanging out with all my loved ones down there. I miss yall.

Hopefully I'll get to visit the City of Angels soon. Roscoe's, Tito's, and Pink's here I come.