Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Monday yall. I'm butt tired but shall attempt to post anyway. Summer is around the corner, and I know that because of all the season finales going on. Oh yeah, I could blog about Grey's Anatomy. Its like everyone's fav show of the moment and I could totally see why. These folks are all in a similar stage - dare I say the nouveau term of the moment - the quarter-life. Except that they're all doctors. Regardless, it just shows regardless of social class, race, gender, creed, etc, we all face the same decisions, problems and obstacles in our day to day lives.

Anyway, yesterday's epi was dope, and not because they had an asian male/white girl couple. That just offset the black dude/asian chick storyline already developing. (Still waiting for the asian male/asian female couple...anywhere.) Everytime I see Patrick Dempsey's character I'm reminded of him starring in Can't Buy me Love, where he was the total square. Now he's supposedly the heartthrob of the moment. I guess you shouldn't laugh at the nerds at your high school, because later on your woman will be secretly crushing on him. Anyway, this dude is a straight pimp. Gets more action in a trailer park than some do in mansions.

That O'Malley dude reminds me of most of my male friends, and maybe even myself. They're all good dudes, but just sometimes need a lil nudge to get the ball rolling. They have the tools but just have to know how to use them. Dr. Grey may have been a reach for him, but no shame in trying. Wait...I'm not sure if he ever did? (I missed a couple shows.) Dr. Evil is the dude's dude. Homeboy carries Trojans in his scrubs. Man he might outpimp Dr. Dempsey. Man these characters are all developed well. I'll talk about the female doctors later.