Thursday, May 12, 2005

I've always wanted a poll on my site, simply so I can ask this question:

If you were Screech, would you:

A. want to have Lisa in your life even if you have no chance with her


B. forget about Lisa despite being your life-long crush and move on

As for me, I waver on both answers. I mean, its cool that Lisa and Screech have similar friends and all, but being constantly reminded that they can never end up together would be tough to swallow. There's a reason Lisa never had a consistent BF on SBTB - it would devastate dear Samuel! Screech always wanted Lisa and never settled (please don't bring up Violet), and he always tried his hardest to win her. And its even harder to look good when you're boys with AC and Zach.

Conversely, you can't just move on and stop liking a girl who you've been in love with forever if nothing ever happened. But sometimes things aren't just meant to be, as in their case. As the saying goes, there are other fish in the sea. Just watch out for them piranhas yo.