Friday, May 20, 2005

Another Friday, another random post:

~ whooooo I'm approaching almost a 1000 hits on my counter, and its been about a month. too bad about 2/3rds of the clicks are by me probably.

~ missing from that LA list: Big Boy in the morning! how could I forget. am i the only one tripping about Power106's call numbers being 105.9? hmmmm

~ i must be the only one not amped to see the Revenge of the Sith. don't get me wrong i'ma still peep it, but i'm not so gung-ho about it.

~ you know how guys sometimes have splitters when they piss? i wonder if girls do also?

~ Must. Get. Faded. This. Weekend. Or maybe not.

~ how are the Giants doing? I swear I don't pay baseball no mind during the NBA playoffs. not even my fantasy team.

~ kinda sad to see Reggie play his last game last night. he went out shooting though.

~ KK was #67 in the Maxim Top 100. But for some reason I never ever ever want her to appear on a Maxim Cover.

~ has anyone seen recent Lindsay Lohan pics? please feed her, or get her away from Nicole.

~ sometimes I feel like selling all my shoes and starting over. well not all, maybe about 30 pairs. then i'd be left with about 100, which should be sufficient.

~ actually when i buy a place, i'ma probably sell off some kicks.

~ Common's BE album is set to drop next week. I don't even remember the last hip-hop album I looked forward to.

~ "Remember the past, prepare for the future, and live for the moment." Please forward me other cool quotes.

~ How hard is it to come up with a cool premise for a new sitcom? I swear network TV in inundated with wack reality shows. "Be a Hilton?" Wtf is that.

~ Sometimes I feel guilty blogging when I'm @ work. And I do about 99% of my blogs during work hours. As a result, I don't show this to my work folk. Evidently I don't show this to a lotta people haha.