Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bear with me readers, this is my last installment of SV until season 5 rolls around. 2 words: In. Tense. Don't wanna spoil anything, but from the opening scene to the "end" it was freakin' bananas. It was akin to watching your team play in the Final Four no joke. Haven't done a tilda recap in a minute, so here it goes while keeping it kinda kryptic:

~ its not Lana, its Isobel
~ for every season finale, Lex appears at his darkest moments
~ i loved the red/blue contrasts throughout the show: the blankets, toys, gear...forget captain america, its about captain clark
~ i freakin' hate waiting 4 months to see what happens next. its gonna be a long summer.
~ the town is in shambles again, so how is it gonna bounce back?
~ what doesn't kill LL makes her stronger evidently.
~ how does Chloe find herself in all these precarious situations?
~ Lionel must be the biggest G on the whole show
~ I really hope season 5 isn't the last season =(
~ I felt cheated man...they said a 90 minute finale, but it was more like 60
~ So many questions, questions, questions

Damn this was definitely the best epi of the year. Everything was tied together almost perfectly. Like the Common album, "One Day it'll all Make Sense," and its approaching that. They even gave us another LL/CK scene to build on. Watching it felt like a damn movie. After the opening scene, I was texting Cheryl "!!!!" and received a text from her as I typing it! That's how insane it was. Oh yeah, and that Batman Begins looks pretty bada$$. The countdown til the season premier begins...