Thursday, May 19, 2005

Courtesy of Kron-Dawn (that's what Nimz called her back in the day, after the rapper Krondon):

Total volume of music files on my computer
Hmmm, my desktop has a 10GB HD, and about 8GB of music. My laptop has about 20GB of music.

The last CD I bought
Weezer. Oh but I did place an order to BMG the other day to fulfill my obligation. I think I got Keane, Franz Ferdinand, De La Soul and something else.

Song playing right now reality? Santana - Why Don't You and I (oh just switched to Squeeze's "Tempted") my head? Switchfoot - This is your Life & 3 Doors Down - Let Me Go

Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me
Just 5? Man, thats hard. Well these are the 1st to come to mind...

1. Musiq Soulchild - Just Friends
2. John Legend - I Used to Love U
3. Sould of Mischief - 93 til Infinity
4. Nas - The World is Yours
5. The Five Stairteps - Ooh child

Honestly about a 100 songs I listen to a lot or mean a lot to me. If you ask the question tomorrow, I'd probably list 5 different ones.

Pass the Baton to Five People
Umm if you're interested, go ahead and copy and paste and typeover my answers.