Tuesday, May 03, 2005

So I'm posting this from a jury waiting room. And I haven't ever even posted from my new apartment for that matter. There are 2 courtrooms in San Mateo County. I live literally 1 mile from one, and about 25 miles from the other, so of course I'm assigned to the one in redwood freakin' city. I've avoided those affidavit letters for so long I thought I might as well finally go. I don't wanna be a tax evader and a non jury goer - the ish will catch up to me. And this week I actually have to work like a full day, so there goes that. Hmmm, working til dark on a May day? (Ya like that double entendre there?) I don't like the prospects of that. Anyway, this internet connection is spotty here, my cell phone has no reception in the bassment, err, basement, i'm surrounded by a bunch of middle-aged women, I'm hungry...but at least I'm not working!

I love it how if you have to come back a 2nd day, they'll give you $15. For either 1 hour or 8 hours of service. Man that makes sweatshop wages look like lawyer fees. I'm not tripping because I'm salaried, but what if you're an hourly employee, and you must rely on hours? Aren't ya forfeiting $xx/hr * 8? And they say you can't declare work hardship. Our justice system been in place since the 18th century, so I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it. Oh yeah I can't forget the miles reimbursement, which is 34 cents one way. You know, since you don't have to make a round trip duh. And 34 cents probably pays for a few drops of petro.

Its weird how you think of someone and you receive a email/call/text or whatever. I swear it happened to me like 3x this past week. It puts a smile to my face. Man I must have that Jedi Mind Trick game on lock.

I shall never gamble again. Done lost $30 this weekend. Oooops they're calling us now...BRB.