Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yesterday's Smallvizzle episode was seemingly displaced in this season of madness. I know we all love the Clark and Lana interaction, but maybe they could've done better than having a baby to share. (Editor's note: Ain't nothing wrong with sharing a baby with LL.) Anyhow, the Luthors are getting back to their evilness. Jason and Lois were no where to be found. So what was the point of this episode?

- Clark and Lana's rekindling of their relationship
- Jason's moms power-tripping
- Lex's turn for the darkside (haven't we been saying this since the end of season I?)

You know, I think I really only watch SV for the Clark and Lana relationship. They've tried their thing in the past, but it supposedly didn't work out. However, you could tell the feelings are still there through the periods of awkwardness. Everyone knew Jason was only there for the short-term and it was only a matter of time until Clark and Lana reconnected. Its almost symbolic on a personal level. So when I say "Go Clark!" it really means "Go Reeg!" Besides the superhuman powers, me and Clark are basically the same person.


Scotty the Body, have a dose of some humbleness. Yeah he probably was the 4th best performer yesterday and thus should have survived. But his bravado and confidence turned into cockiness and arrogance after his remarks. Maybe he been listening to too much Kanye or something. America loves their heroes humble and voted appropriately. However it would've been maaad funny if Anthony was eliminated on his birthday. Alas, he has one more week to go. Carrie Underworld is still my fav.