Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm probably gonna go to the gym today. I done went on Tuesday and am trying to keep this up. My goal: Ursher or Justin's body. i wonder what chicks prefer? Anyway, dudes in the gym fall into about 4 categories:

The T-Shirt Guy: the average dude tryna gets his reps in. isn't as defined but wants to be. kinda awkward looking on the weights.
The Cut-Off Shirt Guy: dude got semi-guns, skinny legs and doesn't really work out other parts of his body. goes primarily for the chicks. which is ironic, considering there are mostly dudes here. possibly a homosexual.
The Wife-Beater Guy: this dude is on creatine and appears yoked, but he really isn't strong. goes to the gym daily. rocks a beater to compensate for his lack of manliness elsewhere. socializes a lot with the other beater wearers.
The Cleavage Tank Top Guy: you know, them tanks that Mr. Uinverse wears. they have the ruffled edges and the look is complete with the John Stockton shorts. this dude be curling 200lb weights like it ain't no thang. usually older. and i wouldn't mess with him.

As for me, I must be the hooded sweatshirt dude on this scale. but i'm about to start a trend and start lifting weights with a polo shirt.

Those who get the Sunday paper in the Bay might have seen an article in the Style column about the Polo Revival. To me, the Polo never left. Its always been apart of my uniform. Shoot, I'm wearing one right now! I used to be conservative with my colors, but now I got a little older, a little bolder. See the lime green, electric orange, and teal colored ones hanging in my umm, walk-in closet. Still no pink though.