Friday, May 06, 2005

As promised, I did hit the gym last night. I forgot that I've finished my deodorant in the morning and didn't feel like going to the store for some speed stick. I thought about just putting cologne on, but figured that wouldn't work. Looking through my cabinets I saw that V had some amongst the lotions and pads and other feminine hygienic needs that are so carefully intertwined with my toiletries. I mean, I swear this things are placed in such a way so purposely. Why yall ladies do that? Anyway, the commercials say "strong enough for a man, but good enough for a woman" so I figured why not? I'd rather smell like a chick than just smell. One thing: please don't tell her I used her deodorant!

I'm not sure why I don't go to the gym more often. Its a win-win-win-win situation:

1. its healthy
2. the potential to see a hot chick or 3
3. a vain mothereffer appreciates the surrounding mirrors


4. i could rock nikes!

Which leads to....yes you guessed it, my latest installment of Confessions of a Sneakerhead, part BO:

In 1989, Tinker Hatfield, the head designer of Air Jordan, observed at the gym people kept changing shoes. One pair for running, another for lifting and another for playing ball. As a result, he designed the Air Trainer I, possibly one of the most classic shoes ever. This multifuctional shoe was endorsed not only by Bo Jackson, but also the tennis playa John McEnroe, showing the shoes versatility. I love this style and have about 6 different colorways. But the first colorway is always usually the best:

^ I got those a couple years ago, but those aren't what this story is about.

To commemorate the 15 year anniversary of this shoe, Tinker remixed it. Truth be told, them babies are pretty uncomfortable by today's standards. The technology available now birthed The Air Zoom Trainer I:

Notice the similarities. Its almost like the child of the original shoe. So anyway, I had these for a few months and finally undeadstocked them last night after months of sitting in my closet. I'ma hit the gym more often now.