Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Could I have possibly exhuasted all topics to blog about? Hmmm, sometimes I have diarrhea of thoughts and other times I'm just constipated. But as a fellow fellow, I can always have sports to talk about. So here are my 10 fav current NBA ballers:

10. Earl Boykins - I'm taller than him and he was a key clog for a playoff team. Can outbench people twice his size.
9. Matt Harpring - Gritty. Was a fan of his ever since his Frosh year at G-Tech. In HS he was better known as a football player than basketball one.
8. Andrei Kirilenko - How can you not root someone who looks like that Russian dude in Rocky and is nicknamed AK-47?
7. Manu Ginobili - Makes me think of Sarunas Marcuilionus every time he plays. There's nothing he can't do.
6. Amare Stoudemire - Watch him jump over you and throw one down. Will never forget that dunk on Olowakandi, as it probably killed his career.
5. Gilbert Arenas - Probably the most eccentric player in the L. Literally tossed a coin to decide his new team. We still miss him.
4. KG - See the poster hanging in my rooms throughout college: Da Kids aka Showbiz & KG.
3. J-Rich - can't leave the hometown boy out.
2. LeBron - Kid can do it all. Anchored my fantasy team all year. And he's still a kid.
1. Starbury - Love him or hate him, he's a straight baller. Plays his heart out every game. Coney Island's Finest.

Honorable Mention: Iverson, Artest, Ben Wallace, Baron Davis and Dirk.