Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toilet Seat Covers

So as long as I've been comfortable enough dropping a deuce in a public restroom, I thought I knew how to properly place a toilet seat cover. Conventional wisdom was that you would perforate it, then have the flap part hang closer to the tank. However this weekend, courtesy of Alan, I learned that the flap part should be hanging FROM THE FRONT! So it's like you're taking a piss onto it, and the urine would slide off.

This totally makes sense now, as you don't want your junk potentially touching the porcelain, and you don't want toilets with automatic sensors to flush without you yet handling your business. This has happened to me quite frequently too. Can't wait until I try this.

Along those lines, I had aggregated some poop tweets that weren't kosher for Twitter, but totes appropes for Blogger hehe:

- Don't you hate it when you're leg falls asleep while deucing? At least it gives you time to finish that article you're reading.

- You know you really really have to go when your poop comes out before your piss. The turtle is severely poking out it's head.

- I hate washing my hands all thoroughly, then have to turn a knob or pull a handle to open a door. They should have hand-sanitizers outside a doorway.

- I never use those loose rolls sometimes placed near a toilet. I can imagine the prior pooper using his hand as a rod, so no beuno to that.

- Ever just see a log floating in a toilet, but no TP around? Don't you wonder if that dude even wiped his ass?

Haha that above reminded me about that scene in Alpha Dog, when Justin drops a deuce in the dude's living room. "So how are you gonna wipe?" Okay, I think I reference that movie way too much.