Thursday, March 10, 2011

2011 Rankings, Part II

For Part I, peep here or just scroll down a little bit you lazy bum. Just kidding, I shouldn't offend my 3 person readership lol.

9. Olivia Munn - Now that she's dating Mr. Shuester, I'm not sure if that should increase or decrease her stock. But the fact she embraces her Asian heritage, is a geek at heart, and has freckles makes here a Top 10 candidate. Plus I think her puppies got bigger!

8. Jessica Biel - Will she be the highest Jessica on the list? I guess you have to wait to find out. But she's hypnotizing, especially for a white chick. I still can't recall a movie she's been in besides that Chuck and Larry one.

7. Vanessa Hudgens - Aww, lil Gabriella is all grown up now. Well, if you saw her nudes from awhile back, she's been grown for a minute haha. Now she's a free agent, her stock should rise. I could watch HSM without feeling guilty now. I just hope she trims now.

6. Kristin Kreuk - I still can't let her go even though she's been off Smallville for like 5 seasons [FYI - that show's still going on!] I was all ready [not already] to retire her, but then she made a recurring cameo on Chuck last season, so here she is. She might not be top 5 status anymore, but she is a surefire HOFer.

Okay - I think I have my top 5 figured out, so stay tuned.