Monday, March 07, 2011

Tahoe 2011

This was my view for most of Saturday. Northstar was more like Lonestar for Reegstarr.

I fell like 50 times, but got up 51. Considering it's been 3 winters since I last went, I still thought I would perform at least decently. On the contrary haha. Snowboarding however is something that I enjoy doing even though I suck at it. Kinda like photography, so that image above is twofold. Snow Club came through, so thanks Alan, Richie, Royce, Rach and Sheryl for riding with me! And shouts to Mark, Phil, Trish, Jeff K and Dennis for making the trip too.

If anyone else is down for another run this year, I think I'll give it another shot. Should be an extended season too!

Anyway still glad I went boarding. Since my board is in my room, I look at it every day lol. The rest of the weekend was grand as well - starting off with Chick-Fil-A and ending with a Pazookie.

So in all the emails I sent, I reminded the group to bring swimgear for potential hot tub use. And naturally I forget my ish. Alas I still jumped in that bad boy.

Game of the trip - Slide 5. I might actually buy that one now.

So thanks boarders, fishers, gamblers, gamers and cooks for the fun weekend!