Monday, March 14, 2011


Roots - Sacrifice

This song is from a personal classic [aka an album not critically acclaimed, but you love it], but yet this post isn't about the music. Are you with me? So last week we us Catholics started the Lenten season. Each Lent we try to give-up or sacrifice something, and I always try to run the gamut and try to cleanse myself of as many things as possible. With that said, it's also good to even do something more. Here were/are my goals and the statuses after 5 days. 1/8 of the way there!

Soda - This is almost the standard generic sacrifice. Like if there was an equivalent of asking you how you're doing and you say "cool," then this is it. I've kinda started prior and slowed down my soda consumption awhile go, so I'm drinking more of nature's beverage. I just have to be weary of those Jack and Cokes I enjoy. Just give me scotch on the rocks next time.

Volunteering - No silly, I'm not gonna stop volunteering, but while I have volunteered a little over the past few years, I figured I could do more, especially if I find something I enjoy doing. Some people spend their time at food banks and pet shelters, so why can't Reeg volunteer at a golf course? I signed up for the First Tee of Oakland program, where you could teach under-privileged youth golf and life lessons. My app [no iPhone] is currently under review, so cross your fingers for me!

Clothes Shopping - I used to justify buying stuff by saying I can't pass on this deal! But you know what? The more you look, the more deals you'll find. So conversely, if you stop looking, then you won't find any deals! I've unsubscribed from a lot of email distro lists, and I don't care if you're offering free shipping both ways. That was another thing that got me. I hate hate hate paying for shipping fees, so I always tried to spend the minimum to qualify for free shipping. Say I just wanted a $25 shirt from UO , I'd would find other things to qualify for free shipping lol. That's my fiscal kryptonite.

Online pr0n - Disclaimer: not like I peep this a lot [yeah right], but I just wanted to see if I could do it. I actually was inspired by this Details article when the author just quit cold turkey [probably needed a cold shower too] and he hasn't looked back. I would link it but you probably wouldn't click on it haha. Anyway I didn't violate this yet, and this is limited to the online world so I could still go to strip clubs in real life!

Getting More Flexible - I see my pull-up bar everyday and I try to use it everyday. I'm going to pack resistance bands on my upcoming trip since we have 54 holes to play, and I'm not talking about 18 girls. I think I need to first increase my limberness then work on the strength aspect, since I'ma pretty brolic dude already [/sarcasm]. I should be toned by summertime. Notice I didn't specify summertime of what year though.

Okay, that list seems reasonable and doable. Wish me luck!