Monday, March 14, 2011

Midori Fa So La Te Do

Where: Midori Sushi

When: March 10, 2011

Who: [starting clockwise] Reeg, Nick, Dennis, Tiff, Trish, Dan, Anthony, Benjamin, Stephanie, Mike, Kevin, Kathy, Jeff K

What: Sushi [duh]

How Much: $30 with tip and drinks

It was a drizzling day but definitely not as bad as the prior foodie edition. But that didn't deter us from having the best foodie ever! Just browsing the menu was enticing, as for some reason we ordered a Crazy Horse roll and a G-Spot roll, the latter that Kingsbury couldn't locate haha. And we already consumed an armada of sushi boats by this time.

I didn't try anything else besides the sushi. [FYI side-story: Whenever my old co-worker wanted sushi, she always asked us "is anyone down for soosh?" Like who abbreviates that?! Lol I told her never to say that again, but apparently it didn't register.]

The dinner was going as planned, and since Ant [the chooser] was flirting with the owner, we were able to get free Sake and ice cream! Because Jeff was the only other guy with hair on his chest, just me and him did a Sake Bomb. I think I beat him too!

We were such gracious diners they wanted to capture our meal for perpetuity and asked to take a picture of us. We now have our Foodie Christmas card, so toodles if you weren't there!