Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As most companies with a calendar year-end are wrapping up their 10-Ks, I am as well. This was the first year in quite some time that I wasn't bombarded with an overload of work, so I was like let me run my own comparatives YoY [year over year for the unenlightened]. Essentially I need to explain the variances if the delta is above a certain threshold. The "Comparison" column represents 2009 figures while "Spending" represents 2010. Note I'm just providing the Expense section of my Income Statement - I'm not showing you guys the revenue part!


Wowsers a 917% increase from '09 to '10? Deloitte would definitely ask about that. Then the following would be my variance analysis:

- In '09, Reeg completed Phase III of liquidating his shoes, hence the credit here. This did not net against revenue because shoes were originally expensed from 2000-2008 and were not considered COGS [cost of goods sold].

- In '10, an increase of $2.6K was primarily attributable to the purchase of timepiece and multiple sunglasses, as the latter included the replacement cost due to the extraordinary loss in August 2010 after his car was broken into.

- Reeg needs to read more books.


- Golf spending decreased by 21% due to a once in a lifetime trip [okay, maybe once every 10 years] to Pebble Beach in May 2009. 2010 expenses are still over-budget as $200/month was allotted to Golf based on his Annual Budget.

- Gym spending increased due to Reeg believing he could actually finish the P90X program, thus splurging on weights and a pull-up bar. Expect costs to revert back to the $20 annual fee he spends for his 24 Hour Membership.

- Health Insurance spiked in '09 due to the multiple visits Reeg made to his physical therapist for his lingering back problems. This amount represents the total of his co-pay.


- Television/Internet costs increased by 43% due to Reeg no longer receiving promotional fees from Comcast. He plans to call them shortly to play the unemployment card to again get his rate lowered.

- Mobile Phone expenses decreased by 33% despite Reeg having the same phone/plan due to him finally realizing his brother works for AT&T and he's able to go on the family plan. He wishes he realized that earlier. Doh!

Then after Deloitte would sign-off on our audited financial statements, I'll have an Earnings Call with investors to discuss Reeg, Inc. The future is bright yall!

On a side note, I'd recommend Mint.com to all! It's like my own cloud.