Friday, July 02, 2010

Back In The Day

No Ahmad, but I was just perusing some of my old blogs, as I like to do once in awhile.  One of the virtues of having a blog is you can pinpoint your mindframe at a certain point in time.  I think I reached my blogging peak in the summer of 2004 though.  Here is a random excerpt from July 14th, 2004:

"pimples are outgrown thingys on your face (or butt). but if you turn the "p" clockwise into a "d," and therefore dimples, they are ingrown thingys on your face (or butt). anyone else notice that symmetry between the words?"

"feel bad for ursher. first he wants to leave the first chick he's seeing because of her friend (u make me wanna), then after talking to this girl, he's thinking about someone else (u got it bad), but then, he can't get with her because it reminds him of the 1st chick (u remind me), then his current chick starts ignoring him (u don't have to call), which is okay, because he'll be alright tonight. Just when you think he's figured it out (my way), he impregnates a chick on the side (confessions) and his girl leaves him (burn). and just in case we didn't get the point, he tells us again (confessions II). (yeah!)"

LOL I make myself laugh sometimes.  But then again, after reading the blogs that particular month, I also wrote some dumb crap.  Going forward I just want to provide more insight instead of recap, treat this more like a diary [no Mad Band] than a journal.  Be more Mr. Belvedere rather than Doogie Howser.  I skipped over all my show recaps, because N.E.R.D. [No one Ever Really gives a Damn].
Hopefully I can carry this blog momentum going forward!