Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yoga Flame

I had my first official Yoga experience yesterday, since I don't think Wii Fitness counts.  I went with a couple neighbors who I met through the carpool lane, and naturally I carpooled with them to the location in Oakland.  Of course they didn't mention it was in East Oakland, smack dab on Interational Blvd.  I recognized the area from when we got lost once after a round of golf.  Yes - we reeeeallly veered off course that time.  Anyway despite the surroundings, the studio was all calm and serene with candles all lit.  I was wondering where the rose petals are?  Mad romantical and ish.  The folks running it were friendly and easy-going, as the instructor had a really good zen-like vibe about her.  I really don't know if zen and yoga go hand-in-hand or if they pertain to different practices, but from my perspective it's essentially the same idea, word to Phil Jackson.

We started off in the traditional pose with palms facing upward as meditation music was playing in the background.  I was really hoping not to rip one since i had some aphritata from lunch, and it was quite filling.  I really had to focus on my exhaling and inhaling since that was stressed throughout the session, and I'm hoping that just becomes routine after awhile since I can't focus on that and the actual stretches simultaneously haha.  The instructor was all Gumby-like, whereas I felt more like Mr. Potato Head when it came to the exercises.  It didn't help that I was in front right next too her.  I swear she could've been an extra in a Ciara video or something.  I did each one, errr attempted each one, albeit not as fluid as the rest of the people in the class!  I doubt anyone else there played 36 holes within 72 hours before, so that was my justification for feeling kinda sore.  But all good, it was my first time.

Yesterday's session focused on core strengtening, so suffice to say, it was mad streneous on me since that's an oft-ignored area.  My [physical] therapist and other fitness fanatics stress yoga, so it was definitely worth the questioning of my madhood.  I'm willing to do whatever it takes to gain flexibility and strength, as it would for sure help my in the gym and golf course [and bedroom too!]  Shoot I need all the competitive edges I could get haha.

So with all the corks and trees and wheels and planks and other common nouns used for yoga techniques, I definitely felt something beneficial, even if it was only one session.  I guess sometimes you just need to reflect and unwind to release all the negative energy inside you, so that was reason enough to go.  Oh yeah I even saw a girl there whom I went to Santa Barbara with...what a small world.  And I didn't even mention the 8-to-1 girl to guy ratio, as it got me feeling like Oz in American Pie when he was doing choir...untapped resources!

[And if you thought I didn't have a hip-hop referenced title, guess again. Lupe has a joint of his latest mixtape with that name, as this is a semi-ode since he's in town today.]