Monday, May 03, 2010

Everyday Struggle

That's not just my favorite Biggie song, but sometimes I feel that way when I'm looking for topics to write about haha.  You shrewd hip-hop fans probably noticed that my subjects usually refer to rap songs, lyrics or just allude to them.  If you don't know now you

Anyway, the other day I was asking a friend to describe this guy, since she was friends with his fiancee and was going to their wedding.  And she's like "ummm, he's nice."  I guess that's the default answer when you don't have anything else to say about someone haha.   So I've been trying this new thing, if I meet somebody for the first time, my goal is for them not to say I'm nice if someone were to ask about me.  It's like that Entourage episode when the boys were waiting to talk to some producer, and everyone asks for water except Drama, who requests an Diet Orange Crush or something random haha.  He goes "you gotta give them something to remember you by." And while it does sound silly by nature, it's actually true. 

I probably used this reference before, but it's like when the new Jordan pictures are leaked.  They always evoked a strong reaction, like either "those are heinous!" to "OMG when do those drop?"  The shoe makers know that everyone's not going to love their product, but they for sure know at least they would be talked about ad naseum, and I think that's the first time I ever used that latin phrase.  This is one of the initial steps on the way to become legendary, word to the latest Jordan campaign.

So hopefully I get described as dope, fresh, funny, witty, interesting, thorough, cheesy, fly, dorky, caring, sharp, versatile, unique...just anything but nice, at least not initially haha.  No wonder nice guys finish last, as there's no way for you to separate yourself.  Despite the Biggie references in the opening, this post is dedicated to Guru from Gang Starr, who's first joint was aptly called No More Mr. Nice Guy.  Thanks for the inspiration.