Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everyday I'm ____

Blogging?  Granted, it's been twice, but once things become a normal occurence, then they become routine [theoretically].  Anyway I realized I don't need to come up with a heartfelt entry each time.  So with that said, let me spotlight a couple blogs that I've been following lately.  I know the personal level blogosphere dwindled [hello Fifth Dimension?], but at the same time, the specialized blogs have entered into another stratosphere.  Here are a couple entertaining blogs for your amusement:

Ben Baller - One of Niktalk's most infamous.  I first was following him under his old K-Town Hu$tler moniker as early back as 2002, where he and a couple others generated the Nike Dunk SB hype, buying out all stocks in Southern California.  I used to drive around LA hunting for a pair of Supas, but this mother effer always beat me to the spot.  And I still don't have a pair haha.  Anyway I eventually bought some other kicks when he sold off his collection [he rocks a 10.5 also], but that's not the real reason I'm reading his ish.  The first ever picture I saw of Kim Kardashian was via K-Town, when she was just a friend of Paris' [he was connected through the music industry].  This was circa 2003 or so?  Whenever he posted something, I was always hoping for a pic of KK haha.  Anyway, his blog is a good read, and it inspires me to get my grind on.

The Style Blogger - This cat won Esquire's Best Dressed real man competition last year [I guess celebs didn't count], and he could pull off a variety of looks and offers good advice to dude's tryna step-up their fashion game.  And he owns Jordan IIIs!  It's funny, I check out dudes almost as much as chicks walking around downtown, just to see what their styles are - what works, what doesn't, what should be done differently.  Okay that sounded funny - I don't really check out dudes; rather, I notice what they rock.  I'm not the only heterosexual one who does haha.  Maybe I'll start incorporating here pieces I've added to the wardrobe?  I think it's the natual evolution of a sneakerhead.