Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When Life Gives you Lemons... make some champagne and figure out how you did it, then toast with that champagne to the good life.  Okay that was lame, but I'm trying to make this a true no-pressing-backspace-unless-its-a-typo blog where I just blog about what's going on between the ears.  So the other day when I strolled in late to work on my usual Monday morning, we were greeted by a unplanned meeting.  There was a buzz going around the office, which is typically a good thing.  But these buzzes turned into stings when we found out we're being acquired by another bank for merely $318M.  [Even Gilt Groupe is valued more than us.]  Anyway this is probably more beneficial to the revenue-generators than the back-office administration, which typically gets swallowed [har har] once the bigger company realizes we're disposable.

What does that mean for Reeg?  Whoknows?  I'm like Britney, Bone Thugs, and Baron - aka at the Crossroads [that's a reference to an old MosJef joke - Brit starred in a move of that title, Bone did a song, and B-Diddy went to that school].  So I'm well into my 30s, and thus far I've had jobs, and don't really think I've found a career.  You may say I'm good at Accounting, and while true, it's easy to be good at something that you've spent the last 9 years doing.  And truthfully I'm wired that way.  We're a risk-adverse group, and to do something different would go against my persona.  However, that's what I'm fighting with.  My goal is to make it rain, but it's somewhat difficult when you've been in the desert for your whole life.

I just reread the last time I was in a job transition, and I'm grateful I could replay a few episodes of my life with this blog here.  I vividly remember writing that post too, and just realized recently that Just Blaze produced "Touch the Sky" off that Kanye album I've referenced **hip-hop cred drops a notch**.  But that's besides the point.  I realize I have the same mentalities as almost 5 years ago, and realize that I'm almost in the same situation as I am 5 years ago.  Does that mean I haven't progressed in almost 5 years?  Umm I would say yes and no.  Granted I'm not where I envisioned myself to be at 31 years of age, but *expletive*, that's life.  In current sight [there's foresight and there's hindsight, is there another word for current sight? hmmph] I guess that's not a bad thing.  Who wants to watch a movie that you already know the plot for?  We all have detours in life and no matter how safe you play it, you're not going to be an exception.  I should know!

While I didn't really say anything breathtaking here, I need some e-space to get my mind right, focus on the task at hand.  Thinking of a master plan...yes, life can be summarized by hip-hop lyrics, at least for me.  Well if the acquisition is scheduled to go as planned, I guess that means more time for blogging!