Wednesday, January 27, 2010

That Moded Feeling

Sucks huh? I think I get one of these moments pretty often. Anyway if you've had any of the following, then you once felt moded:

- open up your mailbox, only to find it empty.
- wash all your dishes and wipe everything down, only to see that you missed up a couple.
- dropping a deuce and commence wiping, only to feel something brewing.
- folding your laundry, only to discover your missing a sock.
- setting your alarm earlier than usual, only to wake up later than usual.
- talking to and cheesing at a girl, only to discover you had something in your grill.
- wearing your nice kicks to the club/bar, only to get them jacked up.
- calling your credit card company to get your late fee reversed, only to find out they don't do courtesy reversals anymore [grrrr!].
- bringing your return back to the store, only to not have your receipt.
- farting in an empty elevator, only to have a group of people there when it opens.
- making a grocery list, only to forget something off the list.
- spending mad time on a spreadsheet, only to have Excel crash.
- DVRing a show, only to have it cut off early. Week after week after week.
- sprinting for a train or bus, only to miss it and be out of breath. And hae your backpack open and the contents spill [that was back in HS though lol].

Okay those were the first to come to mind, but I'm sure there's countless more.  The lesson here kids is don't take yourself too seriously.  We might have all these mini-FMLs, but they're not really FMLs. *hops off soapbox!*