Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some Sucky Feelings

So my mind was wandering and I was thinking of crap that may or may not have happened to me. I still like to think I'm a blessed dude, but sometimes there's moments or situations that just suck. Here are some of them [that I may or may not have experienced hahaha]

- Going into your bosses office expecting a raise or promotion but getting terminated instead
- Knowing at work you know and do twice as much more as another person, but they get paid twice as much as you
- Getting assigned to do something at like 5p. On a Friday.
- Getting caught pleasuring yourself and/or looking at pr0n
- Dropping a satisfying deuce then realizing there's no toilet paper in the bathroom
- Mistakenly wash some DRY CLEAN ONLY clothes in the wash
- Giving it your all and still coming up short
- Thinking about a chick but she's probably not even thinking about you [think 98 Degree's "Invisible Man"]
- Letting down your loved ones, especially your folks, especially especially your moms
- Doing only 9 reps in a set of 10
- Wearing only one contact lens since the other one was irritating you, and you had to drive somewhere
- Getting a parking ticket early in the morning on a weekend at a public university

These are all definitely FTLs, but I promise you I never got caught choking the monkey ever haha. But you know what, we're always going to chalk up Ls sometimes, we just need more Ws. And just like Barack, if the Ws outweigh the Ls then we'll end up victorious. Damn I wonder how long this Election Erection is gonna stay firm?