Thursday, November 06, 2008

Over a Billion Served

So for lunch today I was fiending for my monthly Mickey D's lunch trek. I usually get the same thing, which is whatever the special is and at least something off the ever-shrinking $1 menu. Today I ordered a Chicken McNugget mini-meal for $2.99. A regular McNugget meal is like $4.99, so I'm cool off extra fries and 2 extra Nuggets and a slightly larger soda, since that doesn't justify a 67% price increase.

As for the double cheeseburger, I order that because a single cheeseburger cost 94 cents, and for 6 cents more you get twice the meat. And I usually ask for BBQ sauce because it reminds me of the Tim & Chris burger we had back in the day.

But todays burger was different - it had another sauce oozing out of it. Then I realized it was the special sauce used in their Big Macs! WTF [w = when] did this happen?! It kinda felt like in 2002, when I ordered a Sourdough Jack at a JITB in Culver City and realized that it now comes with ketchup. Don't get me wrong I love me some ketchup [probably not as much as Tiff and Ant though], but I was accustomed to having SDJ's without it. So every time since I need to request for that burger without ketchup, and get really ticked off when I forget to.

Back to the revised cheeseburger^2...I'm not too fond of this special sauce, since i haven't ordered a Big Mac in about 15 years, even when they had their 2 for $2 specials. Shoot a Big Mac isn't high on the my McDonald's might even fall below the Arch Deluxe. Or maybe they just messed up my burger, since sometimes you can get 7 McNuggets in a 6 piece box?

This concoction didn't mesh well with the BBQ sauce even after I tried to scrape as much off as possible, so I had an unsatisfying lunch. I should've ordered a caramel sundae off the $1 menu instead dammit.

Another thing that dawned upon be recently is that Mickey D's doesn't sell bacon, not as an option in their burgers or during breakfast or whatever. Why is that??

Anyway hope to make it up during fake foodie!