Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It was either that title or Halloweento, but both titles work, or not really? Anyway this is the second time I've been to Toronto [and second time in Canada this year], so I pretty much seen most of the city. Unfortunately I didn't even know the Warriors were in town, but I couldn't have seen them anyway. I guess my fanhood is still in preseason form.

But the purpose of the trip was to accompany G to celebrate her lola's 100th birthday. Damn imagine that. Barack's speech about the 106 year old voter reminded me she was born when there was no cars, no planes, no TV or anything.

Movies seen on the plane:
- Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls - The Last Crusade should've been the last crusade
- Sex and The City - I can't front, I watched the whole series so I should've watched the flick. A manual for a man.
- The Happening - Wack

So G has the most adorable nephews and nieces, and not because they're all mixed haha. But peep the pics and you'll see. Me and G dressed up as a couple Jabawockeez, but we were probably a Halloween too late. The weekend was pretty much immersed with G's fam, which was cool since I already met them. And I found out that my brother's X is a cousin-in-law with G.

Oh yeah that Texas Tech-Texas game was off the chain, and there were a few disappointed Longhorns in attendance haha.

Anyway I can't access personal storage space here at work, so here's some linkage from the past weekend. Shoot I don't even know if the link will work! Maybe I'll fix it if I figure it out on my Mac:

T-Dot Pics 2K8