Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The 12 Day DL

Damn has it been that long since I've entered this realm? Well here is the formula which caused the lack of entries:

Month-End Close + Long Weekend in T-Dot + Getting Back from Vacay + Soul Searching + Poor Earnings Call + Another Round of Layoffs = No Blogs for Almost 2 weeks!

Going forward I'm going to lift my self-imposed moratorium from blogging at home. I mean I freaking got a MacBook Pro so I might as well be on it when I can haha. Its like spending a paycheck on some highly sought after kicks and just putting them in your closet....oh wait nm haha.

But I'm back though, hoping to bring it consistently unlike my fantasy basketball teams. I mean Barack kept on campaigning til the very end and his work showed. Not running a blog is anything close to running a nation [unless its ploomy.com], but I'm here for the people. My metrics still maintained even during the days of my abblogstence, so thank you loyal readers. Right now I'm talking but not saying anything, which is about 90% of my blogs hehe.

Anyway let's make this a super-post and try to rewind these past dirty dozen days:

The Annoying Carpool Companion:
This broad had like 3 bags and ended up sitting shotty, even though she was the first person and she could've just had the backseat, which in turn made the semi-cute girl sitting in the back. Then she starts doing her hair and makeup using my mirror, when all the foundation in the world couldn't help her out. Then she was telling me her day's agenda about calling her mom's and not having time to vote and ish. Then she goes out on a limb and predicts there's gonna be traffic on the Bay Bridge during the morning rush hour, and when it happens she goes "she told you!" Then she talks about my whip, saying she was gonna get one but she opted for a little Mazda instead, like you were really gonna get one. Then I'm like less than a mile from my exit, and she goes "this lane is slower then the others." Then as I'm exiting she goes "do you go on California?" which is like 2 miles up. Hell naw trick the walk would do you good.

The Election:
So after I dropped off the annoying chick and the semi-cute one, I bounced all the way down to South City to cast my vote. If I was responsible I would've been able to vote half a block away from my condo, but since I didn't reregister in Alameda County I had to front like I was still a Peninsula resident. Anyway I was in line next to my pretty-cute neighbor who I used to think was fly baaaaack in the day haha. I was "2530 Bantry" and she was "2545 Bantry Lane" lol...and damn Jen Ortiz isn't a Facebook friendly name! Wait I'm just glad [and puzzled] that they didn't ask for ID since since I have my E-Ville one on the license.

Anyway of course I voted for Hussein. And since I wasn't well-schooled on the candidates for the schoolboard, I just voted for the people with the weirdest names to be consistent with the Presidential choice haha.

Using TheUglyMind's piece as a reference, I voted the following:
Prop 1: Train from LA to the Bay - YES, since I always hated that drive on the 5. I don't care how much it costs
Prop 2: Animals Stretching Limbs or something - YES, since I wouldn't want to my contained. What if they're claustrophobic?
Prop 3: Children's Hospitals - YES, since I have a cousin who has cerebral palsley, and that's who I was thinking of when I was for it.
Prop 4: Letting Moms Know - NO, since there's people more mature than their age and adults too immature for their age. But if they're preggy at 15, then I guess that's moot?
Prop 7: Renewable Energy - NO, since I just bought a gas guzzler and that would be hypocritical haha.
Prop 8: Ban on Gay Marraige - NO, but YES on Facebook lol.

Dennis didn't have 5 & 6 on his blog and I'm too lazy too look it up haha. Damn midnight already...lights out!