Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Week in the NBA

For some reason even though basketball is my first love, I rarely discuss it. One of my goals this offseason was to create a hoops-themed blog, but I never could settle on a name. But this time I have a bone to pick with some of the news reported.

Report: Knicks to part ways with Marbury

According to this Yahoo report, my boy Steph is about to be waived, which isn't unexpected. But read this passage right here:

"Widely considered a selfish player, Marbury has failed to mesh with numerous star teammates throughout his career, including Kevin Garnett, Shawn Marion, Keith Van Horn, Eddy Curry, Allan Houston and Steve Francis."

Is this dude freakin' serious? First off, him and KG went to the playoffs their only full year together, when he just should've only been a sophomore at Tech. Secondly, him and the Matrix made the playoffs their year together and pushed the eventual champion Spurs to the brink of elimination with this memorable shot to win Game 1. Plus Shawn's #s with Steph IMPROVED than when he was playing with Kidd.

Keith Van Horn and star should never belong in the same sentence, unless you're talking about Mormon ballers with the worst haircuts. If you received Tim Thomas for him then you know your value isn't worth much. Eddy Curry? This guy is unmeshable to begin with. H20 and Franchise-[Destroyer] were way both past their primes when teamed up with Steph. Dude I think they played like 5 games together total.

Okay I know these past 11 years I've been constantly defending Steph and probably drafting him too high in my fantasy leagues, but for what its worth, he should've never been the #1 option on his team, as he was ever since he left Minny.

Here is another indirectly related story:

Sacramento F Abdur-Rahim retires with knee woes

Okay this dude was drafted one spot ahead of Steph in 1996, and has only been in like 2 playoff games his whole career! Yet you never hear how much he's been on losing squad after squad, but its constant with Steph. His numbers for his position compare with Coney Island's finest, but dude put up good numbers for bad teams throughout his career, but Steph is viewed as a team killer. True Sac is probably the smallest NBA market compared to the NYC, but still. I think I'm just bitter than Shareef chose Cal at the 11th hour over Georgia Tech. Man that '95-'96 squad would've been lethal if he was there too.

Stephon Marbury will vindicate his career in the 2008-09 season no matter where he plays. If not I need to find another player to root for haha.