Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Petaluma Village Premium Outlets

This past Sunday me and G ventured out to Sonoma County after having breakfast in Marin to peep the outlets in Petaluma. Actually I really just wanted to drive my car to every corner of the Bay, and I haven't yet hit this area. Well they had a Nike one, which was really the only store I wanted to visit and they’re still expanding. So there’s like 3 Nike Outlets within 45 min of me, and the other 2 are in Milpitas and Vacaville, both of which I’ve gone hella times. Honestly I didn’t even know about the one in Petaluma until seeing it after driving back from our camping trip a few months back.

Anyway there’s nothing special about this place, as it has your typical factory stores but lacks some regular ones like Polo or Kenneth Cole. My total damage wasn’t too bad, as I got some black flip-flops at the Swoosh since I lost mine, some unreleased AM95 samples that I’ma flip, a casual Penguin jacket at Off-5th and a sweater since I had Gap credit.

Anyway here goes the top outlets within an hour radius of me:

1. Gilroy - it has 4 sections and was the OG one, and for a time was the only one that had an In-N-Out, so it claims the top spot.
2. Vacaville – it got a lot better the last 7-8 years, as I remember it was only a destination after coming back from Tahoe. It lately though has been a double whammy place, with 2 tolls if coming from the city and sucky traffic on 80, so its back to a place I only go if I come back from Tahoe haha.
3. Milpitas – Okay this sucked when it first opened, since it lacked an identity. Is it a regular mall or is it an outlet mall? But now it’s a mixture, so I’ll take that. At least there’s a Dave N Busters there though, and new stores seem to pop up every time I visit.
4. Petaluma – this place doesn’t get as crowded as the above three, which is good [since you have more breathing room] and bad [less selection of stores].
5. Napa – yeah this one sucks, as I’ll probably never go here again. I think it has the only Barney’s outlet though in NorCal, but I don’t shop there.

Fav outlets in the state though are in San Ysidro, Camarillo and Barstow…hmmm I think that’s it?