Friday, September 26, 2008

RIP Compaq Presario 2570

Wow it just seemed like yesterday when I blogged about buying a new laptop. Well Reeg is was actually over 5 years ago, and your laptop was fully amortized freaking over 2 years ago, so just hurry up and get one already!

Last night I got home and my laptop couldn't read the wall power adapter. So it kept hibernating after 2 minutes, since my battery has been long dead and thus it always needs to be plugged in. I've valiantly tried to recessitate it, using skills I've learned from tryna get my old Nintendo to work - blowing into the connectors like it was a cartridge, pushing in at different angles, trying different outlets - but it still wouldn't read my AC Adapter!

Anyway here's an ode to my old machine:

Oh Presario, what's the Scenario?
Shiney & new 5 years ago, to me you still have the same glow
Initially swore you off Pr0n, but that only lasted so long
I wanna give you dap for all the times you helped me fap

You were a Compaq, but you weren't that compact
You weigh over 10 pounds, so in that regard you were stacked
You were with me from DC to South City to the ville of Emery
Now you're with my TiVo, X-Box and VCR, all distant memories

On you I wrote countless blogs and won many auctions
We were tight like shorts on John Stockton
I didn't wanna replace you, not because I'm cheap
But I know you ride for me, like you were a Jeep

I should've turned up the heat, since you often froze
I should've deleted the spyware, that gave u the slows
I apologize for loading you up with pirated software
Despite all this, I hope you know that I do still care

Well I just ordered a replacement adapter so I hope that's the problem! Otherwise you might see a new pickup post coming soon *wink*