Friday, September 26, 2008

Foodie for Thought

Where: Amercan Sushi House
When: September 25, 2008
Who: Tiff, Rach, Trish, Jeff L, Jeff K, Dennis, Nick, Mike, Mark, Reeg
What: Hella Sushi
How Much: $33

Despite the generic name, we went to this spot chosen by Kram and located in a strip mall in P-Town. It may have been the inaugural Pacifica foodie. Boy these locations are getting further and further south. Anyway I have eaten here a couple times before, and both were enjoyable occasions because I didn't have to pay for it.

This time though since there were more of us, we were able to try a variety of rolls. I use variety loosely because although we ordered maybe 6-7 different special rolls, they all followed the same formula: fried middle part [either tempura or SS Crab], wrapped in seafood or rice, some raw fish on top, sprinkled with something else, and named after a local sports team or landmark. As a result we had an A's, Giants, Warriors, Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Roll. And a couple Spiders Rolls too haha. Maybe if we deviated away from the sports squads we could've gotten variety? I attempted to do that with a Mexican Burrito Roll, but as someone said "well what other kinda Burrito would it be?" Hmmm...

There were a couple rolls that violated my sushi commandments though. Well I only have 2: 1. thou sushi shouldn't be warm and 2. thou sushi shouldn't have cream cheese. Ew I hate cream cheese with sushi, so Philadephia Rolls FTL! [I can't believe I just typed "ew", I might lose man points for that.] Oh yeah I'm also really particular about the rice balance, so I might scrape some of the excess carbs off to strike the proper equilibirum.

Since it was Steph's birthday [even though she wasn't there], the owner treated us to some Green Tea Ice Cream, which capped it off. But I'm cool off sushi for like a month or so. I would come back here though.