Friday, September 26, 2008

A Few Comments about a Few Shows

Since my laptop was like a bad salesman [aka out of commission hahaha], I watched the 3 shows I recorded last night after foodie. So good thing I watched via DVR, since I probably knocked off 25-30 minutes off commercials woohoo. Another good thing Gangland moved to Fridays since I don’t think I could handle keeping up with 4 shows in one night. Anyway here are a few thoughts which are anti-Phil length haha, and please don’t judge me for what I record:

**semi-spoiler alert**

Smallville: damn 8 seasons already? As much as I loved Lana, I don’t miss her too much on the show. At least you could finally see Clark’s character developing and progressing – he’s finally working at the Daily Planet! Lois is pretty much now the primary chick in the show, and still no signs of Lex, so I can’t see this series lasting past this season. I still get amped though when he morphs into SuperHomoSapien and does his thing. Last night’s epi just profiled another meteor freak blah blah…but the seeds of the Justice League’s nemeses are planted.

The Office: the season premiere was hilarious. When I watch TV by myself, I try not to lol, but I was lol-ing throughout haha. Michael is the man, and so is Dwight. Hahha. A couple questions though: why was Ryan just answering phones? I thought he was a VP? And why didn’t they just removed their sportscoats/jackets for the final weigh-in? They could’ve shed like 10 pounds just off of that.

Ugly Betty: I pause for a sec while watching this solo, since its about a chick finding herself while working for a fashion mag in NY, but for real it’s a good show! No homo but I always peep how Daniel is dressed, and the first couple seasons he was mad dapper but yesterday he was slumming it. And LiLo continued her cameo from last year’s cliffhanger. And where’s Henry the Accountant??? Boooo he was the best character on the show!