Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Deals for Real

In our struggling economy, sometimes we need to search for ways we can save a buck or 3. Here are some that I’d like to pounce on every so often.

- A Costco Polish Dog and Soda: A staple on any list. Wow this has been $1.50 ever since it was just a lil cartstand outside of its location in San Bruno, back when the baggers used to recite the numbers and I was amazed at the cashiers 10-keying, hoping one day I could type as fast as them. I have always always got the Polish Dog instead of the Hot Dog though. And if you want you could wash it down with a churro for just another dollar.

- 99 Cent Laundering: Shout out to Rainbow Cleaners #2 on Kearny, who launder shirts for 99 cents each [minimum of 2 though - but who just brings one article of clothing to the cleaners?]. If you trip, it takes like 15 min to iron a shirt, so if you maintain the same pace you would do 4 shirts in an hour, and your labor would have an intrinsic cost of $4.00/hr. Shoot even sweatshop workers wouldn’t envy you.

- 3 pack of Hanes Premium shirts: When on sale for $8 a pack, you have a unit cost of $2.67 each. If you're more diesel like myself, you could opt for the A-shirts [technical name for wife-beaters] too. These are tagless, thick and can match everything! Another option is Kirkland, but we already gave Costco recognition.

- Any monthly magazine subscription that doesn’t cost over $10: you get to be informed and/or entertained for a whole year! That’s cheaper than a non-matinee movie nowadays. Man remember when 2nd run flicks made it to Tanforan and Serra 6 and only cost like $1?? I seen many classics in those theatres.

- A 40 oz, any brand: man if you just wanna get faded, you easily can for less than $3. The more obscure the brand, the better. Nick once got Country Club Malt Liquor, and that cost less than $2. You can spend $50 on some Jack and Cokes and still not feel anything. Damn we’re due for another 40oz party.

- BR boxer shorts from the outlet: @ 4 for $20, you can have undergarments that can last forever. Shoot I have boxers in rotation that I probably bought 10 years ago, and they’ve probably endured like 120 washes, if you figure you wear them once a month. So it averages like 4 cents per wear.

So there you have it, you can be dressed, entertained, fed and buzzed for mad cheap!