Friday, September 19, 2008

Musiq at the Peacefield

So myself, Kram, Illechar and Ellehcim all had high expectations for the Musiq show, and boy was it a memorable one! But alas, that isn’t a good thing haha. Here was the playlist for the night in order from my memory, so it could be off:

01 Justfriends
02 Halfcrazy
03 Ridiculous
04 Forthenight
05 Betterman
06 Youandme
07 Teachme
08 Whoknows
09 Dontchange
10 Love
11 Girlnextdoor
12 Sobeautiful
13 Marygoround
14 Radio
15 B.U.D.D.Y.

So he starts off with my 2 fav songs from him! I mention to Kram that I already got my money’s worth, but I think I spoke too soon. Seeing the rest of his playlist might make it seem like a good show right? But during the first 5 songs or so, he leaves the stage like 2wice and seems to be distracted by his cell, and he kept on checking it! But whatever, since he’s doing his thing and the crowd is vibing. Then he starts singing Teachme around 10p and we think the song is finished. He goes back for a costume change while the band is still playing the instrumental and a backup singer is acknowledging the musicians. Musiq comes back with a different outfit [same kicks though] and begins a soliloquy of the meaning of this song, and he GOES ON FOREVER. He sings the hook like 500 times, and doesn’t want to jump to another song yet because he’s eating candy or something. So during this one song, he had two outfits, about 10K words saying the same thing over and over, and he was surprised when he called someone out for yawning! No ish that song was going on for freakin a HALF HOUR no joke.

So the Teachme part finally was over, but it sucked the energy out of the crowd. Kram mentions that he’s gonna delete Teachme off his iPod when he gets home haha. As soon as he asks the audience who bought Soulstar, I knew that Whoknows was gonna play. But he freakin’ sabotaged it by singing in a chipmunk voice or something? WTF? For one verse though he reverted back to his normal octaves, but the song – which is a song we [meaning me, Kram and Rol haha ] hold dear to our heart – was already smeared. People started leaving like it was a 30 point blowout at a hoops game, even though he sung three classics in a row.

He mentions he was gon sing a cut off his new album, and Sobeautiful was more traditional Musiq, unlike his current single Radio, so that’s a positive sign. It seems the bulk of the audience was waiting to bounce since after he took a final bow, people dashed for the exits like Usain Bolt. We didn’t even wait for an encore, but I even doubt there was one. Afterwords Ellehcim said it was the worst performance she’s ever seen…so I guess you had to be there. Or not. We also deduced that dude had to be on something.

I’ma still pickup his new album though in November, I just won’t see him live anymore lol.