Friday, September 19, 2008

I Gotta Hold On, Hold On To My Receipt

It's kinda hard sayin this sh!t to ya face
So I do it over snares and bass
Music take me away

That is probably my fav song off the Carter II, but this isn't really about Wayne. Yall know I'm purging my kicks, and I had a pair of Air Force Is that I bought at Niketown like over 2 years ago. They didn't appreciate like some others so I said screw it, let me just return them. So luckily I'm pretty organized when it comes to my receipts, and I was able to locate it haha.

During lunch I just returned a pair of kicks that I didn't want anymore, and I just thought it was pretty cool that I can wait so long to return them for for value hehehe.

Lesson learned: invest $5 in a receipt organizer since it'll totally help you when you don't expect it.